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Get A Kroger Digital Coupon And Redeem It

Kroger is actually the one of vary famous grocery and pharmacy retailer in United States of America. Company provides many online facilities to its customers. Digital coupon is also one of the online service provided by Kroger. Digital Coupon is like a paper coupon and it is loaded to your plus card directly when you purchase any qualifying item from the Kroger store or online. You can easily get a digital coupon from the website of the company by following a few easy steps. You simply have to select a digital coupon of your choice and then buy the item and lastly scan the plus card to redeem the coupon. Every coupon have an expiry date so select the coupon after noting the start and end date. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to get the digital coupon.

Detailed Procedure To Get A Digital Coupon

Prior to start the process you need to have a Digital account on the website. After that follow the given instructions to complete the process:

  • Turn on your PC and open your web browser. Input the URL in the search tab of internet browser and then press “Enter” from the key board to access the website.
  • Follow up the given link of website
  • As the web page of Kroger’s Digital Coupons opens you will see a list of available coupons on the website.
  • You have to select the category for which you want to get the coupon from the list of available options by clicking on desired one.
  • After that pick up a brand from the given options by hitting the one which you want to get.
  • You will be shown the digital coupon which meet your requirement. You can get the more details by clicking on link “Read More” and then click on “Sign in to load” to get it.
  • Enter the login credentials and access your account.
  • Follow the instructions and load the digital coupon to your plus card and then redeem it on your visit to store by scanning the plus card.

Benefits Of Digital Coupon

You can following benefits after getting the digital coupons:

  • Digital coupons are much better as you don’t have to take the print and keep it with you.
  • Digital coupons are easy to use as they are directly loaded to your plus card.
  • You can easily redeem the coupon by scanning your card.
  • It is time saving and very easy process.

How Many Digital Coupons Can One Load To His Plus Card?

One can load maximum of 150 coupons per household at one time.

For How Long Are The Coupons Available?

Every coupon have a start and ending date depending on the offer. An expiry date is shown on every coupon.

What Happen To The Digital Coupons After They Have Been Redeemed?    

Redeemed digital coupons will move from “Available Coupons” to “Redeemed Coupons” section of “My Coupons” on your digital account.

How Do The Digital Coupon Works?

  • View and then select the coupon.
  • Choose the qualifying item from store.
  • Scan your plus card or credit card.

The discount will be applied to the purchased item and it will be appeared on the sales receipt. Digital coupons will be identified as “ecpn” on your receipt.

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